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Finnish opinions on Immigration Policy


On March 15th, 2010, results from a poll were published in Helsingin Sanomat. The question was:  Do we need more immigrants in Finland?

Results were harsh: only 36% would take more immigrants, while almost 60% say “No more, thank you”.

The biggest problem with the poll was the poor question. There are many forms of immigration, so there has to be a second opinion on immigrants.

One can interprete the results, depending on the situation, any way that is beneficial for each case.

Mostly because of those reasons a more thorough survey was conducted.

Conducting survey 

Survey was conducted during March 22-24, 2010, by Taloustutkimus Oy via its online panel. Survey was targeted to Finns with at least 18 years of age living across Finland, omitting Ahvenanmaa county.

Sample size was 905, with margin of error of approximately  ±3 percentage points.
The sample was selected from the members of the online panel. Sample represents adult population of Finland based on age, gender and location.

Members of the online panel are recruited in conjunction with Taloustutkimus Oy's nationwide surveys or through a separate recruitment process with random samples from the Finnish Population Register Center. This makes sure the results are comprehensive and reliable. There are currently more than 34.000 members in the online panel. Samples were selected with an emphasis on supported political party.

All the results can be cross-calculated based on genre, age, occupation, community, county, education, family income and supported political party.

Survey was based on ideas at Homma-forum, a public forum on the internet, and it was ordered by Homma ry.

At Taloustutkimus Oy, Mr. Juho Rahkonen, Ph.D. (social sciences), was supervising the survey.

Survey Results

Finns do want more strict immigration policy, but have positive attitude towards expats.

It is not about fear of unemployment, racism or being intolerant but making corrections to obvious drawbacks.

Less refugees, asylum seekers and connecting families.

Social benefits should be reduced and convicted criminals should be deported from Finland.

It is acceptable to think that immigration should be beneficial to Finland.

Immigrants should better integrate into Finnish habits.

Immigration policy does have a significant influence selecting candidates at the parliament election.


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